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7 Tips For Managing A Social Media Campaign

Updated: May 2, 2022

Social media has become the lifeblood of any business. It’s no longer only a medium to build a brand or goodwill for the sake of being known.

Now it has become a remarkable tool to target your specific audience and generate highly qualified leads with channelized and strategized social media marketing and management.

In light of social media’s importance, managing social media is a critical skill that can either bring a dollar to your pocket or make a total waste of your investment. To use social media investment optimally, 7 tips can be your savior.

1- Goal Setting

Having a clear outcome in mind always saves time and helps channelize efforts to bring meaningful results. It can only be possible if you have set predefined goals and targets. So goal setting comes on top of the list for managing social media.

2- Audience Research

Research about the target audience is by far the most vital skill a Social media manager must acquire. When you research your prospect and discern them and their ingrained pain points only, then you can strike on their pain points and have desirable repercussions.

3- Have Clear Understanding Of The Platform

What that means, you must be aware of which social media channel is best suited for your brand.

Suppose you are running a photography business; and you want to generate leads. Which Platform would you be best suited; Twitter or Instagram? Instagram because it’s a visual platform.

4- Focus on Engagements

Views and likes are nothing if they fail to convert. Instead of having millions of views, you should focus on having engagements per 100 visitors or viewers. Want to play the algorithm? If you have 3 comments on a post, and then you reply to those comments, Facebook looks at that post as higher, (6), engagement so it shows it on more people's feeds. Reply to all comments!

5- Track Results

A key element for a long term social media success is tracking results. By monitoring results, you can identify issues and weak links in your campaign which you can overcome next time. Just look at "insights" - Start analyzing post types people like, times of days they are on the platform, & demographics of people ENGAGING in your content.

6- Set Content Calendar

Having a well-defined content calendar will save you from getting overwhelmed. Also, enhance overall productivity. You can simply collect all the digital assets (images, videos, links) that you will share that week add little notes to their meaning to be used in the captions. There you have created your calendar for the week. Organize your week of content however it works best for you. There are plenty of free social media calendar templates available on the internet. But definitely plan it out.

7- Be Your Audiences’ Robin Hood

Sympathize with your audience and try to go above and beyond to satisfy them and provide them value. This does not mean giving away your services. Create content and engagement like education, humor, and inspiration to add to their lives.

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