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First Step In Digital Marketing, Know Your Audience.

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Before defining your marketing objectives, it is very important to give some thought to your clients and customers. Their behaviors and decision-making processes may have changed during this unprecedented time. You need to get a sense of which behavior changes are permanent and which behaviors will go back to normal.

What are some of the "new norm" behaviors? Do they work for or against you? How has the "new norm" behavior changed your customers purchase journey and their decision-making process?

Build Multiple Customer Profiles

I know we all might feel we know who our customers are and, in most cases, we do but, their decision making process has been forced to change, so must you. Building a Customer Profile can be used to gain better marketing insight, help your employees recognize the customer type and know how to serve them with better accuracy to close a sale on a product or service.

The Customer Profile Worksheet

This might at first seem to take some time, however this is the #1 most important information/research you need to complete. Everything from this point depends on who your customer is.

Start by building a single profile. You certainly have more than one ideal customer, client, or guest. Once you get the hang of it, you or your staff can create multiple profiles representing the different types of customers you may have. Some customer types that apply to the diving industry, are:

  • Family Man (Age 30-40) (45-55)

  • Family Woman (Age 30-40)

  • Single Female/Male (Age 25 -31)

  • Millennial/Gen Z (10-16) (18-21)

Or you can create profiles for types of customer behavior.

10 behavioral segmentation methods are:

  • Purchasing behavior

  • Benefits sought

  • Customer journey stage

  • Usage

  • Occasion or timing

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Interest

  • Engagement-level

  • User status

A few important items to keep in mind:

The way you go about defining segments and using different behavioral segmentation types can vary greatly depending on your business. One or more of these segmentation methods can be utilized at the same time or combined with other types of segments.

Knowing your customer helps to create the messaging THEY want to hear as a new customer, a returning customer, or a loyal customer. This is the first step to creating the content you put on your website, social media, and email marketing.

Need help getting started?

We care about your customers as much as we care about ours. Let us help you define your audience and build a digital marketing strategy that will grow your customer base, and keep them coming back for more.

Don't forget to download your free customer profile worksheet.

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