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What Are The Benefits of Paid Advertising?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Digital advertising– Can put you in front of your audience ahead of your competitors and make prospects think about you when they are searching for terms that are highly relevant to your business.. – even if it’s for a fraction of second. That’s why you see ads on every online platform and social media network more frequently than ever before.

Paid advertising can feel like you are throuwing money into the deep dark web. But these 3 simple benefits from advertising online shows how that is far from fact.

1- Instant Results

Unlike SEO, Paid marketing yields instant results. You needn’t wait for long to reap results. You pay for the ad space, place your ad in front of your targeted audience, and persuade them to do the transaction with you. Your results are shown through the calls, emails, or purchases from your online store that are directly linked to the ad. So, it’s the quickest way to present your offer and make profits.

2- Paid Advertising is Measurable

Paid marketing is calculated and measurable. You know how much you spent on an ad to get a customer to purchase/book a product/service that cost "x". Immediate results that give you immediate data on what your customers want to see in your ads, and the return of investment on running those ads.

However, the actual "ROI" is based on the objective of your ad - what you intend to achieve from your ad. Suppose, if your objective is brand awareness, your better ROI is to spend $$ on a CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) ad strategy.

Whereas, if your purpose is to have a more micro action take place, that is worth a bit more to you, like an increase in website traffic to a page or blog post, then you will be more interested in Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Based on the results you want to achieve, your expenditure and result options will have different costs.

3- Choose Exactly Who You Want to Spend Your Ad Money On

Do you know what the real beauty of Paid advertising is? Customizing your target audience. That means your message will only be placed in front of highly-qualified leads which will not take much time to convert to Customers.

You can easily set your focus on customers' demographics and details like hobbies, interests, job titles, or behaviors they may have. Then you run laser-focused ads and get the best possible ROI you can from that ad spent. So, if your budget permits, paid marketing is viable and a light-speed way of getting results.

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