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Why Email Marketing Is Important in 2022

Updated: May 2, 2022

You might have heard or read somewhere “email marketing is dead” – email marketing doesn’t work anymore, and it’s nothing more than an investment drain. Really? Email Marketing is important, and here is why:

You may wonder, is it even lucrative to send emails to your email list? Well, when email marketing can be free, any leads, reservations, or sign-ups you get are 100% ROI! Check out the stats below and see if you think email marketing is "dead" or ineffective.

“This 'dead' term for email marketing is nothing, but a false statement. Don't take our word for it, the statistics and data drawn upon by credible sources indicate the same.”

  • About 21% of emails are opened within the first hour of hitting the send button, which indicates a phenomenal statistic that out of 1000 interested prospects 210 of them will read your email. Hence, if the copy is alluring, they might be inclined to take the intended action you asked for them to take in the email. Isn’t that worth investing in?

  • On every $1 spend, you get 4200% ROI ($1 converts into $42). The whopping figures illustrate the email marketing importance in 2021. However, the figures may vary depending upon the effectiveness of your emails' content. You have to talk to your customers as if you are targeting them with an ad. Segmenting or "tagging" your contact list is important to be able to do this. A good start is tagging them based on "WWWW". "WHO/WHAT brought them to you?" & "WHEN/WHERE did they find you?" You can then create content to speaks to them specifically.

  • 61% of subscribers are anxiously waiting for the promotional emails to land in their inbox every week. 18% would love to receive offers more often. Simply meaning, you have a tremendous opportunity to sell products and services more often through email marketing. It gives the receiver a sense of exclusivity on an offer that is only available to Email subscribers. This builds customer loyalty and organically creates ambassadors for your brand.

Above all, automate your emails. You needn’t craft emails for each customer/subscriber, as there’s email automation software that automates the whole process for you. This adds to the profitability of email marketing because of the time saved by engaging customers on autopilot with rich ROIs. You only need to write it once, strategize it and let the software does all the automation.

Know that email marketing will not perish soon. So, hone your email skills and reap incredible benefits!

Email Services That Offer Free membership:

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