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Here Are 5 Reasons To Step Up Your Search Engine Optimization Game


You must incorporate SEO in your overall marketing strategy to rank high on search engines like Google to get “Organic Royalty.” Here are the 5 reasons why…

1- Get Discovered

In 2020, SEO has become an indispensable and budget-friendly way to get discovered and make significant profits through leads. What you are essentially doing is beating your competitors by outranking them to get one of the top positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This qualifies you, your business, as an authority and that your services and product are of value – this is what brings you, new customers.

2- Better Conversions

SEO optimized content on websites has a better chance to convert "Googlers" into Customers. Whenever we need to know about something we want to purchase, we Google it. If your site or page contains the search terms the Googler used, then you are considered worthy of being high up on the SERPs. And most of the time, we check the initial 3 to 5 links. If the links take us to content on websites that meet our needs, then why on earth would we go elsewhere?

3- Long-Term Traffic Stream

When your website or content ranks high on Google searches, it remains there for some time; sometimes for years. That means you will receive qualified traffic over the long haul, this contributes a passive stream of leads coming to you while you focus your efforts on paid advertising or creating new content on your site.

4- Exact Estimate on Traffic and Type of Traffic

When you can quickly identify which keyword is getting you on the SERPs, and get ‘X’ amount of traffic. You now can use those keywords to outrank competitors by using them in more content on your site/page, you can approximately estimate how many eyes will roll in each month and to whom those eyes are attached. Then you know how much of the traffic you need to make into customers to profit and who to target to more easily convert into customers.

5- Brand Building

When you invest in SEO connecting your site to your prime keywords (phrases your audience is searching in Google), you will gradually rank higher on Google search. This is a way to also build a brand. How?

When your targeted audience search for keywords that relate to your services/products, your website pops up more than once as related to the search because you have made sure your site is filled with relevant content to satisfy the Googler. These appearances in their searches will leave an impression on them, which will result in building brand awareness.

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